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Selling Tips

Preparing your propery for sale

When you are selling your property, a large number of purchasers will inpect your home in a confined period. Most of these people will make a judgement about your property based on 'first impressions'. The golden rule is to remember to see quality things you wanted when you purchased your own home. Whilst inspecting, presentation is everything and can give a buyer the "WOW" factor.

Here are some quick and inexpensive ways to add to the value of your home:

Inspect from the Street

Inspect the house from the street, as this is where buyers make their inital judgement. Are the lawns mowed, edges clipped, garden beds weeded and can the house number be easily seen from the street? You may even want to add a few more plants in pots just to give a little more charisma.

Create an Impression

Create an impression and enhance the appearence of living areas and bedrooms by removing unnecessary furniture, clutter such as ornaments and by keeping walk ways clear.

A New Coat

Give your bathrooms a fresh coat of paint, maybe some green plants or even simply add some curtains or blinds. This can give an older style bathroom a more attractive feel.

Attend to faults

Any obvious faults like loose tiles, missing fence palings, broken appliances or incomplete renovations should be attended to.

Freshly cleaned

Nothing impresses buyers more than a house that has been recently cleaned. Steam clean the carpet, clean windows (both externally and internally), remove excess rubbish and garden debris so you can walk easily around the house and garden.

Brighten Atmosphere

Give you home a bright atmosphere by opening all blinds and curtains and install higher wattage bulbs for those darker areas.

A little charm

On inspection days have flowers on display, set the dining room table for a dinner party. In the winter, light the fire or turn on the heaters, make a batch of scones or set up the coffee percolator.